My first experience with so-called cinema or the Movies, I watched a film when I was about 10 years old in Tanzania Refugee Camp. From that moment unexplained feeling hit me. I didn’t even know and thought that actors weren't real, I thought they were from or lived on another planet or something.


I came to Australia in 2007, I started and kept watching lots of films... The more I watched the more I started to understand and connect to the art and entertainment. I would see pictures on the magazines or pictured myself on the billboard as an influencer as a model. The feeling kept growing and growing pushing me. In 2012 that’s when I decided to muck around and started to find ways of getting into acting, and modelling. pretty much to get into art, entertainment and creativity. I didn’t even know how and where to begin or where will lead me too.


I jumped on the internet searching online, found a few acting and modelling websites and I signed up, expressing my interests for acting and modelling. Luckily I ended up on StarNow, signed up and after a few days later on the site I got picked up by an Agency. They gave me free photoshoots, got me into their database and a few days of acting training. A couple of weeks later I was in school got a phone call from the Agency to go on set.

when they told me to go on set, I had no idea what set was or the type of work I was getting into.
While on set I found out I was on set for “H2O Mako Island TV series 2012). It was such a surreal experience and in shock being on that set and to be part of it, Like something that feels like fantasy has finally become a reality.

That was my first and last job with that Agency. I went through some dramatic and gave up acting for a bit until one day one of my family members spotted me on TV for the background extra I did for H2O Mako Island. They made me realize that the dream has become a reality. Made me also realize that some people appreciate, care and enjoy what I do

In 2014 I decided to get back into acting and decided to keep pursuing modelling, and that’s when I joined 888, although I was still super nervous when I joined the Agency. I have now gone on to be on a few sets.

In 2019 I moved to Sydney to continuously pursue full time acting, modelling, writing and dancing as I have been and keep developing my craft. I joined with MCTV Agency and have done decent mount work. I hope one day to portray one of the best characters and be featured in one of the best films, and represent and be featured as part of the best brands. 

Every time I’m on set I feel alive, free, happy and being completely myself because I’m doing something that feels right for me. Being and feeling comfortable around the people. Doing different things and working with lots of different type of people.

I called it “Lifetime adventure”