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Updated: Mar 17, 2019

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Have you ever been discriminated against or been looked at down upon, just because of your race, cultural or your looks? How does that make you feel?

Instead wouldn’t be fair to rather be judged based on your knowledge, spirt, actions and words?

For instance, sometimes people get the wrong impression of you. They are quick to judge others and jump to conclusions.

but knowingly deep down you're secretly proficient, clever and just wanting freedom and happiness.

For those people out there, if this sounds like you. How can we prevent discrimination from further occurring?

Well, we could start by being honest and being true to ourselves no matter how much truth hurts.

This could lead to developing comfortability among citizens, which could create openness, understanding, trust, and finally to never-ending love.

At the end of the day no one should be looked down or be treated as such.

So, if you do get treated unfairly whether is systematic oppression, at your workplace, in your community, and in general public.

It's time we all take a stand and come together, fight for equal rights, because by doing so, this will be a great start to creating a positive society.

Who’s with us, Let’s all take a stand!!

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